Completed Studies

  • Development of prediction tools for Assessment of Water Resources in Ungauged catchments of west Flowing Rivers of Western Ghats Region.
  • Climate Change Impact Assessment for Jayakwadi Reservoir
  • Flood Vulnerability Assessment and developing mitigation plan for Thiruvananthapuram City, Kerala
  • Hydrogeological studies in and around “Redi Iron Ore Mine” (Block I) located at village Redi, Vengurla Taluk, Sindhudurg District, Maharashtra.
  • Hydrogeological studies in and around “Redi Iron Ore Mine” (Patni Mine) located at village Redi, Vengurla Taluk, Sindhudurg District, Maharashtra.
  • Hydrological Impacts of Land Cover Changes In Humid Tropical Watersheds Located In The Sahayadri Mountains, India
  • An Investigation of Changes in Rainfall and River Flow Structure due to Climate Change in a Selected Basin of the Western Ghats Region
  • Effectiveness of Storage Tanks for groundwater Recharging in North Karnataka region
  • Integrated Water resources Management for Manimala River basin
  • Review Of Existing Empirical Formulae Used In Water Resources Planning and Design
  • Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) on a Pilot Basin – Zuari River Basin, Goa
  • Sediment Transport Characteristics of Rivers of Karnataka
  • Application of Geo-statistical methods for analyzing sedimentation pattern in river basins of Kerala State
  • Runoff estimation in a catchment using GIS and WEB based tools: A case study
  • Effect of Sand Mining on River and Groundwater Regime in Hard Rock Areas:A Case Study from Andhra Pradesh
  • Water Quality Assessment Using Remote Sensing Technique – A Case study
  • Impact of Land Use and Land Cover Changes on Hydrological Parameters of Malaprabha Sub-basin
  • A Comprehensive Assessment of Water Quality Status of Kerala State
  • Impact of Urbanization on Surface and Ground water Quality and Quantity – A Case Study
  • Spring-flow Studies in Parts of Sindhudrug district and Ghataprabha sub-basin
  • Water Balance Studies of the Forested Watersheds, Western Ghats, India (DST sponsored)
  • Yield Studies of Yettinahole Project, Karnataka
  • Dam Break Analysis of Dams in Sharavathi and Varahi Basins
  • Hydro-geological investigation in MRPL campus
  • Environmental Impact Assessment of Shivanasamudram Hydroelectric Project
  • Clean and safe Drinking Water supply to rural community using River Bank Filtration technique in Hard Rock Regions of Krishna Basin, Karnataka, India
  • Studies on Occurrence, Distribution and Sustainability of Natural Springs for Rural Water Supply in parts of Western Ghats, India
  • Estimation of submarine Groundwater Discharge in parts of Karnataka.
  • Impact of LU/LC and catchment characteristics on Runoff and Groundwater Dynamics of Western Ghats, Karnataka

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