Internal R&D Studies

  • Application Of Dss(P) For Integrated Water Resources Development And Management
  • Estimation Of Water Balances For Integrated Water Resources Management In Yerrakalva Pilot Basin, AP
  • Sedimentation Studies For Pong Reservoir, Himachal Pradesh
  • Evaluation And Modeling Of Hydrological Support System For Watersheds Of Garhwal, Uttarakhand Hills
  • NIH_Basin – A WINDOWS based model for water resources assessment in a river basin
  • Glacier change and glacier runoff variation in the upper Sutlej river basin
  • Catchment scale evaluation of cold-arid cryospheric system Hydrology, Ganglass catchment, Ladakh
  • Modeling of Narmada basin by using the GWAVA model
  • Runoff modeling of Shyok River, Karakorum Range
  • Hydrological process and characterization of Lesser Himalayan Catchments
  • Web Enabled -Groundwater Recharge Estimation Model (WE-GREM)
  • Participatory Development of Structure for IWRM Framework in Identified Sub-basins under Pilot Basin Studies (PBS) program
  • WEAP Model Set up for four Sub-basins under Pilot Basin Studies (PBS) Programme
  • Water Quality Modeling using Soft Computing Techniques
  • Himalayan River Water Quality Assessment in a Stretch from Gangotri to Haridwar
  • Status Report On Hydrological Aspects Of Rewalsarlake,Himachal Pradesh
  • Lake-Groundwater Interaction Studies For Sukhna Lake,Chandigarh