About Center

Dr. Pankaj Mani
Scientist 'G' & Head
National Institute of Hydrology
Centre for Flood Managements Studies
Walmi Complex, Khagaul, PO Phulwari Sharif
Patna– 801505(Bihar), India
Ph: 0612-2452219, Fax: 0612-2452227
Email: nihp[at]satyam[dot]net[dot]in

Centre for Flood Management Studies (CFMS), formerly known as the Ganga Plains North Regional Centre (GPNRC) established in May, 1991. Based on the hydrological problems of the region, Centre is focusing on the studies related to flood estimation, flood forecasting, remote sensing and GIS based studies, water logging and drainage congestion problems, evaluation of geomorphologic characteristics of rivers, sedimentation/erosion problems, preparation of flood plain zoning maps, urban hydrology study, water quality and environmental pollution, impact of climate change on water resources of Ganga Basin. In addition to field and lab based study, Centre is also involved in technology transfer activities and collaboration with various concerned local organizations.