Nuclear Hydrology Laboratory

The Nuclear Hydrology Laboratory was established in the year 1993 under the UNDP assisted project “Developing Capabilities for Hydrological Studies”. The laboratory is well equipped with the instruments for measurement of stable as well as radioisotopes.

In an international comparison exercise organized by International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna during the year 2000 for measurement of Environmental Tritium, the laboratory results were excellent amongst 102 participated laboratories.

Performance of Isotope Laboratory was again found excellent amongst >175 laboratories participated in “Inter laboratory comparison exercise for δ2H and δ18O analysis of water samples”,an international comparison exercise organized by International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna during the year 2011 & 2016.

Measurement Capabilities


Radioactive Isotopes

Environmental/Stable Isotopes

Water Quality Parameters

Environmental Tritium (3H)

Hydrogen-2 (2H) or Deuterium

EC, pH

Artificial Tritium (3H)

Oxygen-18 (18O)

Na, K, Ca, Mg, F

Carbon-14 (14C)

Nitrogen-15 (15N)

HCO3, SO4, Cl, NO3, F

Caesium-137 (137Cs)

Sulphur-34 (34S)


Lead-210 (210Pb)

Carbon-13 (13C)


Radium-226 (226Ra)



Radon-222 (222Rn)



Uranium-238 (238U)



Available Equipment:


Dual Inlet Isotope Ration Mass Spectrometer (DI-IRMS)

Continuous Flow Isotope Ration Mass Spectrometer (CF-IRMS)

Laser Isotope Analyser

Ion Chromatograph (ICS-5000)

Normal Sintilation Counter

Radon Detector (RAD 7)

Hydrological Instrumentation Laboratory

The Hydrological Instrumentation laboratorywas established in 1987. The laboratoryis well equipped with the instruments for hydrological investigations in field. Major equipment in the laboratory are Automatic Weather Station for measuring meteorological parameters; Echo Sounder with DGPS for Bathymetry Survey; Resistivity Meter for Geophysical survey; DGPS for Topographical Survey and Multi-parameter Water Quality Sonde for in-situ water quality measurements.

Besides these major equipment, otherequipment like Automatic Rain Gauges; Automatic Water Level Recorders; Current Meters; Soil Moisture Meter; Suspended Solids Analyser; Hydraulic Conductivity measurement are also available

Available Equipment:

Automatic Weather Station (AWS)

Tipping Bucket type

ABEM Terrameter SAS 4000


Digital Ground Water Level Recorder

Water Level Indicator

TDR Soil Moisture Recorder

Multi Parameter Water Quality Sonde

Guelph Permeameter

Automatic Snow Gauge

Portable Suspended Solids Analyzers



Laboratory Capabilities for measurement / determination of:


Resistivity survey for subsurface exploration (Tumkur, Karnataka)

Measurement of hydraulic conductivity of soil using mini infiltrometer (Katwa, West Bengal)

Measurement of rainfall and evaporation in

Measurement of soil moisture using tensiometers (Pandavpura, Karnataka)

Measurement of water levels in bore well (Mangalore, Karnataka)


Measurement of Water level around NTPC STPP (Khargone, MP)

Measurement of discharge from tubewells in Jhamarkotra Mines, Udaipur Rajasthan

Meaurement of water quality parameters of water in a stream

Survey for detection of point of leakage from Bhimtal Lake