Research Studies

S.No Title
1 An experimental assessment of low-cost Auger Hole Technique for accelerating groundwater recharge
2 Re-assessment of evapotranspiration (ETo) estimation for irrigation planning in Madhya Pradesh
3 Water availability assessment for project formulation in Madhya Pradesh
4 Development of reservoir operation plan under changed scenarios for Kolar reservoir
5 Development of Decision Tool for Efficient Utilization of Water Resource in Parwati Canal & Dholpur Piped Irrigation Project of Rajasthan.
6 Hydrological Modelling for Evaluation of Return Flow and Irrigation Planning for Optimal Utilization of Water Resources in the Command of Sanjay Sagar Project in Madhya Pradesh.
7 Modelling of Tawa Reservoir Catchment and Development of Tawa Reservoir Operation Policy.
8 Integrated Assessment of the Impacts of Climate Change and Land Use Change on the Hydrology of the Narmada basin through Hydrological Modelling Approaches.
9 Impacts of Upcoming Irrigation Projects and Climate Change on the Droughts and Desertification Scenario for Chambal Basin in Western Madhya Pradesh.
10 Evaluation of Impacts of Rabi Irrigation in Ganga River Sub Basins of Madhya Pradesh Modelling of Narmada using GWAVA. (International Collaborative Project with CEH Wallingford, UK).
11 Modelling of Narmada using GWAVA. (International Collaborative Project with CEH Wallingford, UK).
12 Revival of Village Ponds through Scientific Interventions in Sagar District (Sponsored R&D Project by Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India).
13 Estimation of Revised Capacities in Reservoirs of Chhattisgarh State using Digital Image Processing technique: Part-III (Sikasar, Pipariya, Miniyarim Chhirpani, and Khutaghat reservoirs).
14 Water Balance Estimation of the Watershed IWMP-16 in Kanker District (Chhattisgarh).
15 Groundwater Flow Modelling in Lower Bina River Watershed in Bina Block.
16 IWRM Based Development Plan for Water Security in Four Districts of Bundelkhand Region in India (Sponsored by MoWR, RD &GR).
17 Development of Decision Support System (DSS) Applications and Hydrological Analysis for Shipra River Basin of MP.
18 Development of DSS for Bina River Basin in Bundelkhand Region in M.P. Using WEAP Model.
19 Integrated Assessment of Drought Vulnerability for Water Resources Management in Bina Basin.
20 Predicting Soil Erosion for Alternative Land Uses in Bina River Basin.
21 GIS Based Water Balance Study of Bina River Basin.
22 Irrigation Planning and Management in the Command of Harsi Reservoir Project in Madhya Pradesh.
23 Water Resources Management Study for Drought affected Bundelkhand Region.
24 Pilot Basin Studies: IWRM in Bina River Basin in Bundelkhand Region of Madhya Pradesh.
25 Study of Reservoir Sedimentation, Impact Assessment and Development of Catchment Area Treatment Plan for Kodar Reservoir in Chhattisgarh State.
26 Water Availability Study and Supply-Demand Analysis in Kharun Sub-Basin of Seonath Basin in Chhattisgarh State.
27 Integrated Water Resources Management Plan for Catchment and Command of Benisagarand Rangawan Reservoirs in Madhya Pradesh.
28 A Comprehensive Watershed Management Program for a Degraded Watershed in Bundelkhand Region.
29 Water Quality Management Plan for Rejuvenation of Sagar Lake.
30 Assessment of Sedimentation in Ravishankar Sagar Reservoir using Digital Image Processing Technique.
31 Development Plan for Conjunctive Use of Water Resource in Baramkela Block (Raigarh) in Chhattisgarh.
32 Integrated Water Resource Management for Sustainable Development of Naoradehi Wildlife Sanctuary.
33 Estimation of Revised Capacity of Tawa Reservoir Through Satellite Data.
34 Water Balance Study of Dhasan Basin.
35 Development of GIUH for Small Catchment is Sagar District.
36 Hydrological Modelling of Stream Flows Using ANN for Sindh Basin.
37 Rainfall-Runoff Modelling is Wainganga River Basin.
38 Water Budgeting of Barrages on River Shipra for Simhastha-2004.
39 Soil Erosion Modelling in Catchment Area of Bila Reservoir.
40 Sedimentation Assessment of Barna Reservoir in M.P.
41 Infiltration Studies in Upper Bhopal Lake Catchment.
42 Regional Flood Frequency Modelling for Parvati Basin.
43 Water Quality of Sagar Lake.
44 Application of HYMOS for Processing Daily Rainfall in Sagar Division.
45 Study on Dry Spell Analysis in parts of Madhya Pradesh.
46 Methods of Soil and Water Conservation Measures in Sagar District.
47 Reservoir Sedimentation Survey through Digital Analysis of Satellite Data.
48 Impact Assessment of Watershed Management Practices in Nimar Region.
49 Estimation of Sedimentation Rates and Pattern in Sagar Lake Using Radiometric Dating Techniques.
50 Analysis of Declining Water Table in Sagar District.
51 Sedimentation in a Reservoir using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques.
52 Hydro-Meteorological Inventory of Orissa Cyclones.
53 Rainfall-Runoff Modelling in Bina Sub-basin of River Betwa using Tank Model.
54 Network Design of Raingauges in Sagar Division.
55 Water Balance of Sagar Lake.
56 Soil Erosion Modelling in Bewas River Basin using USLE and GIS.
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