Sponsored Studies

  • Modeling Of Gangotri Glacier Melt Runoff And Simulation Of Stream Flow Variation Under Different Climate Scenarios
  • Effect Of Changing Global Tropospheric Temperature On Asiapacific Monsoon Circulation And Rainfall Fields Across India
  • Assessment of Environmental Flows for Himalayan Rivers
  • Assessing climate change impact across KBK region of Odisha
  • Variability of the Hydro-climatic variables in Punjab Plains of Lower Sutlej
  • Management of Water Resources for Quantity and Quality in YamunaHindon Inter-basin
  • Alternate water supply management strategies in arsenic affected/vulnerable areas: Mapping of arsenic affected zones/regions in eastern U.P.
  • Peya Jal Suraksha-Development ofSix Pilot Riverbank Filtration Demonstration Schemes in Different Hydrogeological Settings for Sustainable Drinking Water Supply
  • Water Conservation and Management in Ibrahimpur Masahi Village of Haridwar District (Uttarakhand)
  • Ionic Enrichment Dynamics of Glacial Sediment and Meltwater of Gangotri Glacier: Part II
  • Low Cost Technology for Purification of Water Contaminated with Arsenic and Microbes using Nanotechnology
  • Assessment of Baseflow and its Impact on Water Quality in the Part of Satluj River in India using Environmental Isotopes and Age Dating Techniques