NIH Thrust Area

Research Proposed in EFC for 2017-2020


Hydrology of Extremes

  • Flood management
  • Urban flooding
  • Drought mitigation and management
  • Glacier lakes outburst flood
  • Early warning systems


Environmental Hydrology

  • Pollution from point and non-point sources
  • Water quality and health
  • Environmental flow in rivers
  • River bank filtration studies
  • Water treatment/remediation technologies


Regional Hydrology

  • Rationalization of hydrological flow variables
  • Development of regional flood frequency relationships
  • Development of regional unit hydrograph relationships using parametric and non-parametric approaches
  • Development and application of geomorphological instantaneous unit hydrograph approaches
  • Development of regional drought indices


Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)

  • Development of IWRM Plan at different scales
  • Action research on IWRM activities for water security planning
  • Hydrological modelling
  • Water resources assessment
  • Integrated operation of reservoirs
  • DSS development and applications
  • Conjunctive surface water & groundwater planning, modelling and management
  • Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR)
  • Groundwater management for aquifers vulnerable to contaminants of geogenic origin
  • Coastal groundwater studies
  • Emerging innovative methods for management of surface and ground water including quality


Hydrological Studies for North-East Region


Hydrological Studies for Himalayan Region


Hydrology for Watershed Management

  • Forest hydrology
  • Springs rejuvenation and management
  • Hydrology of lakes and wetlands
  • Rejuvenation of ponds and other small water bodies
  • Water management in mined areas
  • Water management in salinity-affected areas
  • Water management in coastal and hard rock aquifers
  • Impact assessment studies


R&D Under National Water Mission

  • Development / implementation of modern technology for measurement of various data
  • Research and studies on all aspects related to impact of climate change on hydrologic cycle and water resources, including quality aspects
  • Assessment of impact of climate change on water resources
  • Dynamics of deeper aquifers
  • Centre for Climate Change Studies
  • Centre for Snow & Glacier Studies


Capacity building of NIH Scientists and staff


Technology Transfer and Outreach Activities

  • Training workshops
  • Seminars/symposia
  • Stakeholders’ workshops
  • Science-policy interface
  • IPR issues in hydrology and water resources
  • PPP linkages