Completed R&D Studies

S.No Title
1 Hydrologic and hydraulic modelling for floodplain inundation mapping under future climate change scenarios: A case study of Tawi River, India
2 Assessment of Hydrological Characteristics of a Western Himalayan River: A study of Ujh River, India
3 Statistical evaluation of global precipitation estimates over data scarce Western Himalayan Region of India
4 Land use mapping of upper Yamuna catchment using remotely sensed data
5 Snowmelt Modeling in Beas Basin
6 Hydrological Studies carried out on Kolhai Glacier (J&K)
7 Hydrological Investigations on Chhota Shigri Glacier (H.P)
8 Temperature Lapse Rate Study in Satluj Catchment
9 Hydrological Aspects of the River Tawi
10 Hydrological Studies of Parda Spring in Nanital
11 Hydrometerology of Ujh River Sub Basin
12 Status Report on Snowmelt Modeling Studies
13 Landuse Mapping of Tawi Catchment using Satellite Data
14 A Status Report on Forest Hydrology
15 Water Availability Study of River Tawi J&K State
16 Water Availability Studies – Ujh River Basin
17 Hydrological Network for Tawi-J&K
18 Hydrogeomorphological Study of Tawi Catchment,J&K
19 Stream Simulation of Satluj River using UBC Watershed Model
20 Infiltration Studies in Jammu Region
21 Snow Cover Mapping for Baira Catchment (H.P)
22 Hydrogeomorphological Study of Baira Nalla Sub-Catchment (H.P)
23 Snow and Glacier Contribution in the Chenab River at Akhnoor
24 Snow and Glacier Contribution in the Ganga River at Devprayag
25 Infiltration Studies in Baira Nalla Sub-Catchment (H.P)
26 Hydrologic Studies for Improvement of Khajjiar Lake (H.P)
27 Representative Basin Studies :Baira Nalla Sub-Catchment-H.P
28 A Runoff Model for Snow Dominated Catchment in Greater Himalayas
29 Ground Water Qualiy Monitoringn and Evaluation in District Jammu (J&K)
30 Flood Protection Studies using HEC-2 Model on River Tawi Near Jammu Bridge Site
31 Water Quality of Surinsar Lake in Jammu Region
32 Modeling Surface Runoff From Microwatersheds
33 Hydrological Studies of Dokriani Glacier (PART 111)
34 Ground Water Quality Variations in Jammu and Kathua Districts (J&K)
35 Land Use/Land Cover Mapping of Baira Nalla Sub-Catchment Above Tissa (HP)
36 A Study of Sediment Yield From Chenab River System in Western Himalayas
37 Rainfall Runoff Modeling of Ramganga at Chaukhutia using Rainflo Model
38 Soil Physio-Chemical Properties of Basantar Catchment, J&K
39 Melt Water Storage Characteristics of the Dokriani Glacier
40 Automated Mapping of Snow Cover using IRS-1C Data
41 Ground Water Quality Evaluation in Doon Valley, Dehradun
42 Ground Water Quality Monitoring and Evaluation in Jammu and Kathua Districts,J&K
43 Water Quality Monitoring and Evaluation of Mansar Lake, District Udhampur, J&K
44 Ground Water Quality Studies in Jammu and Kathua Districts (J&K)
45 Water Quality Study of the Mansar Lake, District Udhampur , J&K
46 Bathymetric Study of Mansar Lake District Udhampur (J&K)
47 Hydrological Problems in the Kandi Belt of Jammu Region
48 Landuse/Landcover Mapping of Devak Catchment, Jammu (J&K)
49 Ground Water Quality Monitoring and Evaluation in Jammu and Kathua Districts ,J&K
50 Spatial Variability of Groundwater Quality in Jammu District (J&K)
51 Geomorphological Study of Devak Basin
52 Surface and Ground Water Quality Evaluation in Parts of Udhampur District (J&K)
53 Hydrological Aspects of Rainwater Harvesting in the Kandi Belt of Jammu Region
54 Geomorphology and Soil Erosion in Juni Nadi Watershed, District Udhampur, J&K
55 Sedimentation study of Mansar lake, district Udhampur (J&K)
56 Mapping and inventory of village ponds for water harvesting in Kandi belt of Jammu region
57 Inventory of Water Bodies in Western Himalayan Region - Part I (J&K)
58 Snowmelt modelling in Marsudhar basin of Chenab river
59 Hydrological studies in a representative basin: Juni Nadi watershed (Near Katra, Dist. Udhampur)
60 Spatio-temporal evaluation of ground water quality in the Jammu region
61 Low-flow analysis for the Tawi river at Jammu
62 Regional rainfall analysis for Himachal Pradesh
63 Meteorological data collection & analysis in Juni nadi watershed
64 Groundwater quality in the Kandi belt of Jammu region
65 Evaluation of rainwater availability in the Kandi belt of Jammu region
66 Testing of weighing snow gauge
67 Physico-chemical characteristics and trophic state of water in Mansar lake, district Udhampur, J&K
68 Landuse mapping of the Kandi belt of Jammu region
69 Evaluation of irrigation water quality in the command area of Ranbir canal
70 Meteorological data collection and analysis in a selected watershed near Hamirpur (H.P.)
71 Analysis of soil erosion in Tawi catchment
72 Estimation of groundwater recharge from rainfall in Kandi belt of Jammu region
73 Snow and glacier contribution in the Beas river at Pandoh dam site
74 Evaluation of water harvesting structures in the Kandi
75 Change detection of selected Western Himalayan Glaciers
76 Hydrological Evaluation of a Proposed Artificial Lake
77 Development of a Flood forecasting model for the Chenab Basin
78 Estimation of Aerial and Volumetric Changes for Selected Glaciers in Jammu & Kashmir
79 Hydrological Evaluation of Leh Flash Floods Aug 5, 2010
80 Trend Analysis of Hydrological Variables in Western Himalayan Region - Phase I (J&K)
81 Impact of land use changes on environmental flows of Tawi river at Jammu
82 Climate change effects on hydrology of the Tawi basin in Western Himalaya
83 Estimation of Sediment Yield and Identification of Areas Vulnerable to Soil Erosion and Deposition in a Western Himalayan Catchment
84 Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) in Tawi River Basin, J&K
85 Performance evaluation of 2D-VPMM and 2D-explicit schemes for two-dimensional overland flow simulation
86 Hydrological Investigation of Natural Water Springs of Baanganga watershed in Jammu & Kashmir State
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