Library of National Institute of Hydrology Roorkee was established in the year 1979, as a special research and reference library with a small collection of 24 books. Now the library’s collection is one of the best collections in the field of hydrology and water resources in the country. The total collection of the library as on March 31, 2023 has reached up to 25,443 publications, comprising 13,330 books, 4,425 bound periodicals, 6,330 technical reports, 322 Indian and foreign standards, 1,036 technical papers / reprints. The Library is currently subscribing 59 Indian and foreign periodicals. Out of them, 32 are available in online and 27 are in print version. The library currently possesses 33 Indian and 26 foreign Periodicals. Among them nine periodicals are in Hindi. In addition to the Institute employees, library’s resources are being utilized widely by users from other organizations.

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For automated management of library’s activities and services, latest version of KOHA software with Web OPAC, separate server and client PCs are in operation. Library's Online Public Access Catalogue is available on following weblink: .

Institutional Digital Repository (IDR) has been created and being populated regularly. NIH digital repository is an archive for collecting, preserving and disseminating digital copies of the intellectual output of NIH in the form of Research Papers, Books, Chapters in Books, Research Reports, Annual Reports, Conference Proceedings, Infrastructure Documents, Layouts & Maps, Institute Documents, Lecture Notes, Presentations, Outreach Material, Photographs, Videos, News Clippings, Serial Publications, Special Publications, and Training Reports etc. NIH IDR is a global showcase of its research output and thus enhances visibility of Institute’s scholarly hydrological research. This will facilitate dissemination and promotion of research output by open access (except restricted content). As such, IDR has the potential to attract millions of readers and get the institution’s research in front of right eyes.


  1. Advances in Water Resources (Elsevier) [Online].
  2. Agricultural Water Management (Elsevier) [Online].
  3. ASCE : Journal of Environmental Engineering (ASCE) [Online].
  4. ASCE : Journal of Hydrologic Engineering (ASCE) [Online].
  5. ASCE : Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management (ASCE) [Online].
  6. Ecohydrology (John Wiley) [Online].
  7. Freshwater Science (Society for Fresh Water Science) [Online].
  8. Ground Water (John Wiley) [Online].
  9. Hydrogeology Journal (Springer) [Online].
  10. Hydrological Processes (John Wiley) [Online].
  11. International Journal of Climatology (Wiley-Blackwell) [Online]
  12. International Journal of Hydrology Science and Technology (INDER SCIENCE PUBLISHERS, Geneve, Switzerland) [Online].
  13. International Journal of Water Resources Development (Taylor & Francis) [Online].
  14. IWRA (India) Journal (Indian Geographical Committee of International Water Resources Association) [Online].
  15. Journal of American Water Resources Association (John Wiley) [Online].
  16. Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology (American Meteorological Society) [Online].
  17. Journal of Climate (American Meteorological Society) [Online].
  18. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology (Elsevier) [Online].
  19. Journal of Earth System Science (Springer) [Online].
  20. Journal of Hydrology (Elsevier) [Online].
  21. Journal of Hydrometeorology (American Meteorological Society) [Online].
  22. Journal of Indian Geological Congress (Indian Geological Congress) [Print].
  23. Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing (Springer) [Online].
  24. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation (Soil Conservation Society of India) [Print].
  25. Lake and Reservoir Management (Taylor & Francis) [Online].
  26. Limnology (Springer) [Online].
  27. Mausam (India Meteorological Department) [Print].
  28. Swamysnews (Swamy Publishers) [Print].
  29. Water and Energy International (Central Board of Irrigation and Power)[Online].
  30. Water International (Taylor & Francis) [Online].
  31. Water Resources Management (Springer) [Online].
  32. Water Resources Research (John Wiley) [Online].
  33. Climate change and environmental sustainability [Online].
  34. Journal of Environmental Management [Online].
  35. The Cryosphere[Online].
  36. Bulletin of American Meteorological Society (BAMS) [Online].
  37. Vadose Zone Journal (Wiley) [Online].
  38. Environmental Technology and Innovation [Online].
  39. Environmental Monitoring & Assessment (Springer) [Online].
  40. Arid Land Research and Management [Online].
  41. Soil Science Society of America Journal (Wiley) [Online].
  1. Current Science (Current Science Association, I.I.Sc.) [Print + Online].
  2. Hydrology (IAH) [Print].
  3. Journal of Indian Water Resources Society (IWRS) [Print].
  1. ड्रीम 2047 (Vigyan Prasar) [Print].
  2. जल चेतना (राष्‍ट्रीय जलविज्ञान संस्‍थान, रूड़की) (Print).
  3. प्रवाहिनी (राष्‍ट्रीय जलविज्ञान संस्‍थान, रूड़की) (Print).
  4. Agricultural Engineering Today (Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers) [Print].
  5. Everyman's Science (Indian Science Congress Association) [Print].
  6. Hydrological Sciences Journal (IAHS) [Print].
  7. Hydrology for People : Newsletter of National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee (India) [Print].
  8. Journal of Agricultural Engineering (Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers) [Print].
  9. WMO Bulletin (WMO) [Print].
  10. World Water (Water Environment Federation) [Print].
  1. हँस (हिन्दी मासिक)
  2. विज्ञान प्रगति (हिन्दी मासिक)
  3. योजना (हिन्दी मासिक)
  4. Science Reporter (English Monthly)
  5. Yojna (English Monthly)
  1. अमर उजाला (हिन्दी दैनिक)
  2. दैनिक जागरण (हिन्दी दैनिक)
  3. हिन्दुस्तान (हिन्दी दैनिक)
  4. The Hindu (English Daily)
  5. The Indian Express (English Daily)
  6. Hindustan Times (English Daily)
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