Completed Internal R&D Studies

S.N. Title Duration PI
1 Upgradation of NIH_ReSyp to .NET Platform – a Reservoir Operation Package 1 year (08/20-03/22) D. Chalisgaonkar
2 Real time flood modelling using HEC-RTS modelling framework 2 years (2018-2020) Vishal Singh
3 Developments of Water Accounts for Subarnarekha Basin Using Water Accounting Plus (WA+) Framework 2 years (2018-2020) P.K. Singh
4 Development of Ganga Information Portal 3 years (04/15-03/18) D. Chalisgaonkar
5 Modeling of Narmada basin by using the GWAVA model 2.25 years(12/14-03/17) T. Thomas (RC-Bhopal)
6 Catchment scale evaluation of cold-arid cryospheric system Hydrology, Ganglass catchment, Ladakh 3 years (04/14-03/17) Renoj J. Theyyan
7 Decision Support System for Water Resources Planning in Upper Bhima basin, Maharashtra 2 years (07/14-06/16) D. S. Rathore
8 Development of window based software for Flood Estimation 1 year (04/19-03/20) D. Chalisgaonkar
9 Hydrological process and characterization of Lesser Himalayan Catchments 5 Years (12/14-12/19) Manish K. Nema
10 Development of window based software for hydrological data processing and Unit Hydrograph Analysis 1 year (04/18-03/19) D. Chalisgaonkar
11 NIH_Basin A WINDOWS based model for water resources assessment in a river basin 2 years (4/13-3/15) M.K. Goel
12 Glacier change and glacier runoff variation in the upper Satluj river basin 2.5 years (10/13-03/16) Sanjay K. Jain
13 Assessing climate change impact across KBK region of Odisha 2 years (04/13-03/15) P.K. Mishra
14 Variability of the Hydro-climatic variables in Punjab Plains of lower Satluj 2 Years(11/13-10/15) Manish K. Nema
15 Trend and variability analysis of rainfall and temperature in Himalayan region 3 years (10/11-09/14) L.N.Thakural
16 Web GIS based snow cover information system for the Indus basin 2 years (04/13-03/15) D.S. Rathore
17 Assessment of Water Footprint of the National Capital Territory (NCT) of India 2 years (04/13-03/15) D. Chalisgaonkar
18 Cryospheric system studies and runoff modeling of Ganglass catchment, Leh, Ladakh Range 5 years (09/09-03/14) Renoj J Theyyan
19 Software for frequency analysis in Hydrology 1 year (04/12-03/13) D. Chalisgaonkar
20 Web GIS based snow cover information system for Himalayas 1 year (04/12-03/13) D. S. Rathore
21 Analysis of water management scenarios in Tapi river basin using MIKE basin software 3 years (04/10-03/13) Rama Mehta
22 Event-based rainfall-runoff modelling using soft computing techniques 1 year(04/12-03/13) Rama Mehta
23 Mathematical representation of Elevation-Area-Capacity curves for Indian reservoirs 1 year (04/12-03/13) M. K. Goel
24 Seasonal Characterization of Gangotri Glacier melt runoff and simulation of streamflow variation under different climate scenarios 3 years (04/21-03/23) Manohar Arora
25 Impacts of glacier and climate change on runoff for selected basins of Himalayan region 2 years (08/20-07/22) Vishal Singh
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