S.N. Name of Conference/seminar Period Venue Organizing Secretary
1 8th International Groundwater Conference on Sustainable Management of Soil-Water Resources (IGWC-2019) October 22-24, 2020 IIT-Roorkee Brijesh Yadav, IITR and Gopal Krishan, NIH
2 International conference on “Groundwater Vision 2030 (IGWC-2017)” 11-13 Dec., 2017 New Delhi N.C. Ghosh, Anupma Sharma and Surjeet Singh
3 International conference on “Natural Treatment Systems for Safe and Sustainable Water Supply in India: Results from Saph Pani Project 18-19 September 2014 New Delhi N.C. Ghosh and V.C. Goyal
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