About Division

Dr. R.P. Pandey

Dr. R.P. Pandey
Scientist-G & Head
Environmental Hydrology Division
National Institute of Hydrology
Roorkee – 247667 (Uttarakhand), India
Ph:01332-272860, 249216
Fax: 01332-272123, Email: rpp[dot]nihr[at]gov[dot]in

About Division:

The Environmental Hydrology Division undertakes coordinates and conducts basic and applied research studies and organizes technology transfer activities in the area of environmental hydrology contributing to the sustainable water resources development and management. The thrust areas of research for the Division cover environmental monitoring including natural contaminants/pollutants, point and non-point source pollution, contaminant transport modelling, metal speciation/fractionation, wastewater and solid waste treatment/remediation technologies, river rejuvenation, water quality and human health, environmental impact assessment, environmental flow requirement for aquatic ecosystems and area drainage studies.

Research activities are conducted at varied scale from site specific, problem specific, and demand specific issues to understanding the basic relationships and dynamics between processes and their impacts in terms of quality and quantity of water resources. This includes investigations of the fate and transport of hazardous substances, investigations of chemical, biological and microbiological processes that affect quality of water and exploration of the complex hydrologic phenomena of water bodies. All research activities are aimed at improving the understanding of how the quality and quantity of water is affected by the natural environment and the anthropogenic activities.

The complex hydrological problems related to chemical-soil-water interactions are studied adopting multidisciplinary approach for drinking water, irrigation water, wastewater, hazardous wastes, and microbial pollution. To carry out basic and applied R & D studies, the Division has a well-equipped NABL Accredited Water Quality Laboratory with state-of-the-art monitoring and analytical instruments powered by a qualified team of scientists and supporting staff. Sophisticated and well-equipped Water Quality Laboratory is the major asset for research and development in the area of Environmental Hydrology. The laboratory has facilities and capabilities to determine various water quality constituents including major and minor ions, trace elements, pesticides, hydrocarbons and other organic compounds and bacteriological parameters.

Vision & Mission:

The Division undertakes sponsored/consultancy demand driven research projects in the area of water quality and environment besides the institute funded internal research studies. Under technology transfer activities, the Division organises training courses in the area of water quality and environmental management including advanced instrumentation techniques. The Division also takes field and laboratory based R & D research projects related to monitoring, assessment and modelling of surface and ground water quality.

Collaborations with other Organizations:

In pursuits of the various R & D activities, the Division has made interactions with various organizations like Central Water Commission, Central Ground Water Board, Central and State Pollution Control Boards, State Water Resources Departments, NTPC, BIS, FRI and premier academic institutions like IITs, NITs & Central Universities, etc.

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