The Institute Workshop plays an important role in developing and fabrication of parts of instruments, as well as for repair and maintenance of different types of equipments. The workshop has a lathe machine, power saw machine, drilling machine, cutting cum punching machine, welding machine and various smaller machines.

Depth Water Sampler (mechanical) Depth Water Sampler (electronic)
Development of Depth water sampler (mechanical and electronic).
Storm Water Samplers Arnigarh Storm Water Samplers Bansigarh
Fabrication and installation of two low cost Storm Water Samplers for Arnigarh and Bansigarh watersheds.

Low cost storm water sampler and its installation at Arnigarh and Bansigarh watersheds
  1. Fabrication of Metal stands for the Air Moisture Collection Units of HI Division.
  2. Fabrication of wheel type steel frame for Tritium Cell Units of Nuclear Hydrology Laboratory.
  3. Design and fabrication of New Trolley (small) for old Quantlus Machine of Nuclear Hydrology Laboratory.
  4. Design and fabrication of Special trolly for New Quantlus Machine of Nuclear Hydrology Laboratory.
  5. Fabrication of Three New Steel Heavy Duty Trolleys for Maintenance Division and A. C. Section.
  6. Fabrication of two racks for sample holders for Nuclear Hydrology Laboratory.

Besides these major works, a number of other important works were also carried out, such as repair of rain gauges and hygrometer for Mountain Hydrology Division, fabrication of New Line of CO2 for Nuclear Hydrology Laboratory, repair of NIH Sign Boards, fabrication of fuel tank locking arrangement for Sub-Station at NIH headquarters, assistance in repair of generator set and tube well of NIH, repair and welding of panel boards of Sub-Station at NIH staff colony, etc.