• Water Quality Lab
  • Soil Water Lab
  • Remote Sensing & GIS Lab

Available Equipment:

  • Water Quality Lab :- Portable Water Quality Kit, Flame Photometer, pH meter, EC meter, Spectrophotometer, Type I Water Filtration System, Digital Titrator, Precision Weighing Balance
  • Soil Water Lab - Pressure Plate, Inflitrometer, Tensiometer, Permiometer, Autolevel, Sieve Shaker
  • Remote Sensing and GIS Lab – ArcGIS 10.8, ERDAS Imagine 2020, Handheld GPS, DSLR Camera, PC and Printer and Scanner, SOI Toposheets
  • Meteorological Observatory - Sunshine recorder, Manual type Rain gauge, Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge with Data Logger, Stevenson Screen with Wet and Dry Bulb Thermometers, Max and Min. Thermometer, Evaporation Pan

Laboratory Capabilities for Measurement/Determination:

  • Water Quality Lab – Water quality parameters: pH, EC, Hardness (temporary and permanent), Na+, K+, Ca2+, Mg2+, NO3-, SO4-2, Cl-, F-, PO4-, H4SiO4, etc.
  • Soil Water Lab – Texture Analysis, Permeability, Infiltration Index of soil
  • Remote Sensing and GIS Lab – Satellite Image Processing, Watershed Analysis

Page last updated on 27.01.2023