Right to Information

S.No. Title Details
21 Name and designation
  • Telephone , fax and email ID
  • List of employees with Gross monthly remuneration
  • System of compensation as provided in its regulations
22 Name and designation of the public information officer (PIO), Assistant Public Information (s) & Appellate Authority
  • Address, telephone numbers and email ID of each designated official.
23 No. of employees against whom disciplinary action has been
  • Pending for Minor penalty or major penalty proceedings
  • Finalised for Minor penalty or major penalty proceedings
24 Educational programmes
  • Efforts to encourage public authority to participate in these programmes
  • Training of CPIO/APIO
  • Update & publish guidelines on RTI by the Public Authorities concerned
25 Total Budget for the public authority
  • Budget for each agency and plan & programmes
  • Proposed expenditures
  • Revised budget for each agency, if any
  • Report on disbursements made and place where the related reports are available
  • Total budget for the public authority
26 Budget
  • Foreign and domestic Tours by ministries and officials of the rank of Joint Secretary to the Government and above, as well as th
  • Places visited : As & when required
  • The period of visit: As per requirement
  • The number of members in the official delegation: NIL
  • Expenditure on the visit : As per TA Rules
  • Information related to procurements
  • Notice/tender enquires, and corrigenda if any thereon, As provided in GFRs
  • Details of the bids awarded comprising the names of the suppliers of goods/ services being procured,: As per GFR
  • The works contracts concluded – in any such combination of the above-and :NIL
  • The rate /rates and the total amount at which such procurement or works contract is to be executed.: NIL
27 Information related to procurements
28 Arrangement for consultations with or representation by the members of the public
  • Relevant Acts, Rules, Forms and other documents which are normally accessed by citizens
  • Arrangements for consultation with or representation by
  • Members of the public in policy formulation/ policy implementation
  • Day & time allotted for visitors
  • Contact details of Information & Facilitation Counter (IFC) to provide publications frequently sought by RTI applicants
29 Public- private partnerships (PPP)
  • Details of Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), if any
  • Detailed project reports (DPRs)
  • Concession agreements
  • Operation and maintenance manuals
  • Other documents generated as part of the implementation of the PPP
  • Information relating to fees, tolls, or the other kinds of revenues that may be collected under authorisation from the governme
  • Information relating to outputs and outcomes
  • The process of the selection of the private sector party (concessionaire etc.)
  • All payment made under the PPP project
30 Publish all relevant facts while formulating important policies or announcing decisions which affect public to make the process more interactive
  • Policy decisions/ legislations taken in the previous one year
  • Outline the Public consultation process
  • Outline the arrangement for consultation before formulation of policy